Kapil Chatkara

I am Kapil Chatkara, a Psychologist with a specialization in Counselling. My area of interest is studying the nature of mind – understanding the human mind as it is and determining its Strengths, Weaknesses, Tendencies, and Inclinations. I have done hundreds of counseling sessions, with more than 5000 hours of experience in counseling diversified into Career, Relationship, Grief, Behavioral, Spiritual, Suicide-Prevention, Consulting, etc. My favorite approaches are Existential & Solution Centered by leveraging my natural style which goes in tandem with CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy).

My experience and both psychological training and spiritual grasp of life indisputably teach me that ‘every human being is unique!’. To put it simply, even the identical twins are not identical in their behavior and life path, not even in their fingerprints! Therefore, we as humans should try and identify the skill and area-of-interest that nature has bestowed on us. However, the irony is that everyone agrees that natural skill is a god-gift but in our own idea of quest for survival or so-called rat-race, most of us mistake ‘Uniqueness within Self’ with ‘Exclusivity of Self (over others)’, in other words, ‘knowing the maximum potential of self’ v/s ‘competing for success of self (over others)’. My own natural skill is in exploring and unraveling the natural abilities of the individuals so as to empower the human mind for conscious decision making, clear-the-air, bring clarity in individuals, understand self better for better future, etc. which in turn helps in different stages of life whether it is about making better career choices, making relationships better, overcoming loss or addictive behavior and motivating for life.

My wish is to continue to improve myself in different spheres of life so that every opportunity or situation I encounter in life is dealt gracefully without any fears, insecurities or inhibitions!

May 10, 2019
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