Sudhir G V

One national crisis that needs urgent attention in India is unemployability. Today, unemployability is perhaps a bigger problem than unemployment. Among others, one major reason for unemployability is a gross mismatch between individual traits and career streams chosen. That’s because traditionally in India, our youth tend to choose their careers hugely influenced by external factors like market demand, peer and parental pressure and job security. Since, on an average, a man or a woman spends approximately 35 years in their respective professions, this mismatch not only leads to a life of average but also leads to immense job dissatisfaction and related stress. At ProBano, we aim to help our youth choose their career path with a judicious mix of self-exploration, technology, and psychometry. We believe that our youth are the best decision makers on their career path. And we believe that this would help them follow their passion, love what they are doing in their careers and lead a life of brilliance.

November 10, 2018
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