Middle and high school students are naturally confused about their career choices. Our education system never allows us to look outside the four walls of our classroom. How are we supposed to make a career choice based on the standardized subjects we learn in school, right? So what is the solution for that then? The first thing that comes to mind is career counseling.

What do you think of when you hear “career counseling”?


One image is the highly expensive career counseling centers where only students from very rich families can afford to go. A session there is costlier than a session at the clinic!



The second image is of these career guidance forums where students full of doubts have asked their questions but found no one to answer them.

What if we tell you that’s wrong?

Our passion for career guidance and best educational practices has motivated us to democratize it for you


It is our commitment to you that we will provide career counseling at an affordable price

Best Service

We will work every single day to make it much better than most of the highly expensive career counseling services

No Stereotypes

Unlike others, we will not force societal stereotypes down your throat


We will encourage you to explore and discover your passion, and then nurture your abilities to help you become successful in life

Confused about your career choice?

Get a career counseling session and make the right career choice

Some of the schools we have worked with

Image Source: WOCinTechChat, Icon Finder