This course on Entrepreneurship: Value Creation will help you to understand the main elements and key principles behind the creation of value in any business, and will tell you the steps to immediately get started with creating value.

The animated course videos are designed to gain and maintain your interest, to help you understand complex concepts through simple demonstrations, and to make the learning experience memorable. This interactive course also consists of lesson wise quizzes, lesson wise performance tasks, and a final quiz to engage you and assess your learning.

On completion of this course, you will learn how to convert an idea in your head to something real. Along the course, you will learn about the process of value creation and understand the fundamental principles required to succeed in entrepreneurship.

Course Curriculum

Myth Buster FREE 00:15:00
This lesson focuses on getting rid of the multiple myths associated with Entrepreneurship.
Course Guide FREE 00:04:00
This will give you a much needed guide to this course so that you can make optimum use of it.
Meaning and Importance of Innovation FREE 00:04:00
How to solve a relevant problem of people? Through innovation. What is innovation? Learn here.
Intellectual Honesty: Usefulness of Ideas Part 1 FREE 00:04:00
Why are some ideas useful in the marketplace and some are not? Watch this video to find out!
Intellectual Honesty: Usefulness of Ideas Part 2 FREE 00:05:00
Continuing from the last video, here we tell you about the usefulness of ideas in the marketplace.
The Three Pillars of Innovation FREE 00:06:00
Want to launch an innovative offering in the market to make your business successful? Watch this!
What is a Business? FREE 00:06:00
What is a business? What is it made up of? Watch this video to get these answers.
Standard Forms of Value FREE 00:06:00
What are the different forms in which you can create and deliver value? Find out!
Modularity and Bundling FREE 00:03:00
Do you know that you can offer any combo of these Standard Forms of Value? Learn about them here.
Process of Value Generation 00:05:00
Jump into the process of value creation with us. Here we start taking real actionable steps.
The Eureka Moment 00:05:00
Here we will describe a way of thinking which will hopefully lead to some ideas in your mind.
Find Your Customer 00:06:00
This video will help you find the people for whom you want to do it - your customers.
Economic Value Considerations of the Customer 00:04:00
Here you will learn about the different economic values that people consider while evaluating a purchase.
Relative Importance Testing 00:00:00
Which economic values do your customers prefer? Learn how to find that out through this video.
Idea Validation through Primary Market Research 00:00:00
This video will help you answer the question, ‘Who is your customer?’ much more clearly.
How to Put a Value on an Idea? 00:00:00
Find out whether your idea is worth executing or not.
Early Adopters 00:00:00
Now that you know the groups of people facing the problem, decide which group you want to serve first.
Meet Your End User 00:00:00
Learn how to describe an end-user who represents all other end-users in your early adopter market.
Full Life Cycle Use Case 00:00:00
Make a full life cycle use case of your offering and see what improvements are needed in it.
Prototype 00:00:00
Create the first version of your solution.
Iteration and Feedback 00:00:00
Make improvements over time to finally get it spot on. Take feedback and iterate.
Unique Value Proposition 00:00:00
Get your customer's initial attention by drafting your Unique Value Proposition.
Minimum Economically Viable Offer 00:00:00
Here you convert your thoughts to action as quickly as you can and design your solution to the best you can.
Top 10 Pitfalls while Attempting to Generate Value 00:00:00
In our final video, we would like to remind you about some pitfalls while attempting to generate value.

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