Entrepreneurship: Value Creation

Entrepreneurship: Value Creation

Entrepreneurship is not rocket science. Let us bust the myths and get down to 'business'.


Myth Buster

Length: 14 minutesAuthor: AdityaComplexity: Easy

Do you want to start a business or create something new in the world? To be able to make this change, we have to immediately get rid of some of the myths hovering around entrepreneurship. This lesson focuses on getting rid of the multiple myths associated with Entrepreneurship.

Course Guide

Length: 4 minutesAuthor: AdityaComplexity: Easy

Do you also have the fear of not being qualified enough to start a business? Don’t worry dear! We are at your rescue. Presenting the second video of Entrepreneurship: Value Creation, the Course Guide.

Meaning and Importance of Innovation

Length: 4 minutesAuthor: AdityaComplexity: Standard

To solve a relevant problem of people or to make their lives better by giving them something they need, what can you do? You can ‘innovate’. What is innovation? Watch this video to learn.

The Three Pillars of Innovation

Length: 6 minutesAuthor: AdityaComplexity: Standard

What are the three pillars of innovation needed to make your startup successful? Watch this video to find out!