How Education Should Be? (Elon Musk)

According to Elon Musk, education is just like the movies. You would be thinking that how did he even make that leap? Education to movies! How can two things, which seem so different, be comparable? The man provides a great analogy to answer that. Read on, I am sure you will find this perspective interesting.


Have you watched ‘The Dark Knight’? Or ‘The Avengers’? Or maybe ‘Spider-Man 2’? Have you have watched any of these films or any good superhero movie? If the answer to that is Yes, then you must appreciate the amount of effort and skill needed to write the script, cast the crew, select the locations, build the sets, shoot the film, create the special effects, and edit the film. Each element of filmmaking has been executed in the best way possible. Isn’t it?


Let us suppose that movies released on a large scale don’t exist. For entertainment values, superhero stories are reproduced at a local level everywhere. What would that look like? The actors would wear home sown costumes, jump here and there across the stage, and maybe be tied by supporting ropes to replicate action sequences. Since it is only one take, they would sometimes even fail to get their lines right. Maybe they would not even well represent the personality of the characters they are trying to portray. In short, it would not be even half as good as the actual superhero movies.

According to the great man we’re talking about, “That’s Education!”.

Yes. The quality of the educational content and the ability to gain and maintain learner interest should be ensured. Many online courses on websites like edX are produced after months of planning, multiple takes of the video, and by following a value stream almost parallel to the filmmaking process. And many of these online courses are awesome.

But in schools and colleges across the world, educational content (lectures) and guidance are provided locally as well. With the advent of online education, is the local content irrelevant? Or does it still have a place in the mode of learning you prefer? Please let us know.

[Originally published on June 13, 2016]

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