How do your friends help you become a successful person?

Wishing you all a very happy friendship day from Probano. Friends are such an integral part of our lives. The bonds we create and sever, the kind of relationships we share with our closest ones and people we hang out with, contribute to a great extent in becoming who we are personally as well as professionally. A good friend is like a mirror who showcases your pros and cons honestly and brutally. They are the ones who keep you grounded even if the world is at your feet. All these little gestures go a long way even in your professional field and keep you in balance. So let’s look at their contribution towards your career and comprehend why should you shower them with love and attention especially on this day.


  • They have your back in adverse times: We have all had those moments where we have felt dejected, disappointed, and wanted to quit our dreams. But friends remind you how you are equipped with the topmost skills (which isn’t true on numerous occasions) and should pursue your goals. They are a constant support system and teach you the invaluable lesson of never giving up.

  • They can help you be 10x times smarter: It is often said that a man can be judged upon the quality of his company. Humans are generally very competitive by nature. If they meet people regularly, who are more knowledgeable than them it compels them to raise their game as well. He/she will be incessantly looking for ways to not be the most foolish person in the room. That can be only done if he works on improving his respective skillsets.


  • They can instill a sense of motivation in you: We have all had those days where we don’t want to work out, complete our pending project, and just lay on our bed. But if we see our friends working extremely hard towards their goals, being consistent with their efforts we immediately feel guilty about ourselves. That guilt instills a sense of motivation that keeps that drive to follow our passions alive.


Depending on the quality of your friends and friendship, it can be a boon or a bane. While all the hard work and perseverance is to be put by you, a word of encouragement or a gentle pat on the back goes a long way to push your drive further and achieve your goals. We recommend you to keep your enemies close but your friends even closer.

August 3, 2020

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