I have numerous interests and pursue a new one every few months. How do I make the right career choice?

Having many interests or no interests at all, the spectrum is wide and usually extremely conflicting. Sometimes there is no middle ground with most of the people.Having numerous interests over no interest at all is an added advantage because at least it gives you a direction to start. However, if you are reading this and think that this problem uniquely applies to you then let me tell you that there are hundreds and thousands of them out there who are facing a similar situation. Let’s look at how we can break this problem down and come to a possible conclusion.



  • A lot of us have numerous interests. But before making a career choice it’s essential to think beforehand which one of these would you be very happy to pursue even 30 years down the line.Asking this question can definitely curb down a lot of those interests which you are confused about. It can help you to give a clear understanding of what you want to do professionally on a long time basis.


  • If even after performing the above step you are left with multiple interests, a good strategy would be to have a look at the professional and monetary benefits of each interest astutely. A lot of factors come into consideration to reach a point where you narrow down these interests.This can be your potential, your willingness to work hard, and also your skill set. But probably the most important factor to take into consideration would be the financial aspects and how far would you go to pursue your dream interest


  • Even if after performing the above steps you are left with multiple interests or are confused if they would keep you happy for a longer time, the most effective strategy is to keep searching for that purpose which you are keenly looking for.Keep adopting different interests professionally until and unless you can’t pursue them anymore. My advice would be to at least give yourself six months before moving on to the next interest. But the most important thing to bear in mind is to not get disheartened or disappointed if you keep switching profiles even after pursuing 4-5 interests or if you see your peers doing better than you.


Society has set standards and timelines when it comes to career and if you don’t fall into that category you are bound to get confused and may start questioning your worth.But a key point to note here is everybody takes their own time to find their purpose in life and there is no appropriate timeline to finally stumble across that path. Just make sure that you don’t run out of resources till then. So if you need a job or a source of income till that time and it is something that you are not entirely passionate about, it is okay. That is also a part of this process.

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