Is the current situation amid COVID-19 going to affect my career in the coming future?


The current pandemic has caused a lot of distress, especially among working professionals and students. With the economy taking a hit, almost all major companies and startups have suffered an irreparable loss to a certain degree. As companies are firing more and more employees, it’s becoming challenging for the students in the last year of college to secure stable jobs. Some sectors are going through devastating losses while the others are taking advantage of this opportunity to expand their business, taking it to new heights. As a student, it is one of the most challenging periods because of the uncertainty of the situation and the economic distress the country is going through now. So if you have questioned whether your career is at stake, those nervous thoughts are justified. But let’s try to understand how you can turn the situation around to your advantage.


Will my career be affected in the coming future?

To be honest, yes, it is going to. There are specific dynamics in every sector that will change. The extent of the changes would vary individually. What you need to believe and remember is that every problem brings a unique opportunity to innovate and improve the game. If you are a student and haven’t been placed yet, you can consider freelancing for a while to expose yourself to different fields and keep yourself updated with the trending technologies and changes happening in them.


Can I turn this situation into an advantage?

Advances in artificial intelligence, a recently built awareness about a pandemic situation, and our current acceptance of a digital workspace, many changes will keep happening at your and everyone’s career irrespective of the sector you are associated with. The sudden boom in the digital workspace has revolutionized technology and has made knowledge accessible to us in a more straightforward manner. So yes, this situation can be turned into an advantage if you show keenness to unlearn, relearn, and implement.

 What steps can I take to make progress and sustain my career?

You can do a lot.

  • Firstly, build a skill set for your career capital, which can be transferred to any job role. Excellent communication skills (spoken and written), professionalism, etiquette, leadership management, teamwork, creativity, and innovation will always be useful for you in any sector and job role.

  • There are hundreds of courses available online from prominent universities like Wharton, Columbia, MIT, etc. Websites like Coursera, EdX, Shaw Academy,etc., are providing these courses free of cost to brush up on your skills and add prominent knowledge and awareness in your fields of interest. If you were unable to study something due to prior commitments, this is the perfect time to finally complete that course. Time and tide wait for none.

  • Always be open to unlearn and relearn. Quick changes in the ecosystem will challenge you to learn very quickly. Be a good student of your trade, your skill, and your sector.


Keenness to learn will help you pursue your career in the coming future. The pandemic might have slowed us down temporally, but the skills and the work you do upon yourself would be permanent. Results might be slower than anticipated, but if you ensure to work hard and follow all the above steps, then, whatever happens, your career will be extraordinarily sustainable and rewarding.

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