Is your career shaped by the subjects you study in school?

Can you be successful professionally, if you are not a big fan of your academical curriculum or if you didnt perform well in your entrance exams?


School isn’t just about making friends and scoring marks. It’s also a medium that helps us stick with difficult tasks even in the gravest situations. If you always find yourself in a position where you score exceedingly well in subjects you love but cringe even at the slightest possibility of going through the ones you dislike, then welcome, my friend. You are in the right place, for we will help you through this difficult path and try to answer a few questions which you might have in mind.


 I know what I want to pursue professionally but I dislike the subjects which are taught at school

This is a very common roadblock faced by numerous students. The solution to this question solely depends on the right balance between your career choice and the subjects which you need to be conceptually strong to be able to pursue that career. Yes, if you do want to become an engineer, your interest in history and geography might not be of acute importance. On the other hand, science and mathematics should be the subjects that you thrive on if you want to grow into a successful engineer. That being said, the board exams do hold a certain level of importance as they ensure your admission into a decent college of your choice offering excellent academic facilities and opportunities. The education which we receive at the undergraduate level helps us to navigate in life as well. Needless to say, you mustn’t neglect the other subjects in pursuit of your profession as well.


Is it important to ace the entrance exams to pursue my passion?

As soon as you step into higher secondary school i.e., grades 11th and 12th, people around you don’t seem to forget to remind you how these two years will shape your entire life. There is a certain degree of truth to the fact that these two years are important. But does it shape your entire life? No. There is a lot more to life than just 2 years in high school. Entrance exam results hold the key to top-notch institutes all over the country. Most of these institutes offer quality education and a tremendous exposure which comes in handy while stepping out into the real world. There is no denying the fact that these institutes can completely shape you as a human being as well as define your career. Yet the most important asset you possess is your skillset. If you possess perseverance and the necessary skills, you can shine at any place you study and grab opportunities along the way.

To summarise, don’t pressurize yourself into anxiety if you dislike a subject that you don’t want to pursue professionally. That being said the curriculum of schools is designed in a way that the knowledge imparted might come in handy later in life. So it’s advisable to not neglect it completely as well and score enough to climb up to the next class. Entrance exams while they don’t necessarily define your worth or shape up your life completely contrary to the normal opinion, definitely are important. They ensure your admission to a decent ranked college in the country, provide a sense of security, and overall can help you to introduce too many more bright young minds like yourself. But failing in entrance exams is not a setback. If you possess the passion, brush up on your skills, and can work hard success won’t be a far fetched dream.

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