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ProBano provides you with complete career guidance through a three-step process:

Career Counselling: Find out the career fields that you want to explore.
Mentor Sessions: Seek career advice from highly successful professionals in your chosen career field.
Career Based Courses: Explore your chosen career field and learn the fundamental skills required to succeed in it.

We help you explore and discover your passion. That is why we are different from most “career counselors” out there who will push societal stereotypes down your throat. We honor your individuality and nurture that to ensure that you make the right career choice.

Why ProBano

We have a different approach than most of the “career counselors” out there

Life is NOT a race!

We don’t believe in lecturing you about the cut-throat competition in Indian ecosystem, the race that you have to run to achieve success in life, the cruel world out there which is sharpening its knife to get you, woah! Too much stress already.

You are Unique!

We show you how you can focus on your interests, your unique strengths, and your personality to become the best at something which you love doing and which you are really good at.

Trust, not numbers!

We value relationships much more than numbers. When you join us, we work with you to ensure that you make the right career choice.

Career Counseling

Are you confused about your career choice?

Our tried and tested career counseling will help you learn how to make the right career choice and what are the different career choices available to you. We empower you to make the right career choice for yourself rather than making you dependent on some psychometric test.

Some of the schools we have worked with

Never take career advice from somebody who is not in the same position you want to be in

– Someone really intelligent

Mentor Session

We have one question for you. Who do you want to depend on for expert career advice? Your neighbors? The society? Or successful professionals who have remarkable achievements in the exact career fields you want to know more about? You know the answer.


Explore and enrich your knowledge with a career perspective of your favorite subjects!

New Courses

Automobile Technology

by Aditya 14 Lessons 299.00 199.00

All about automobiles (cars), right from design to manufacturing. Enthusiasts, dig in!


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