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ProBano is committed to providing the best career guidance to school students all over India by leveraging its innovative courses and technology which would enable students to make informed career choices and hence succeed in their careers.

Introducing to you, the team of ProBano

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Aditya Bose

Aditya Bose

Chief Executive Officer

I started this website when I was studying Information Technology at IIEST Shibpur. Why though? Because after taking up Information Technology, I soon realized that I am not really passionate about it. So I decided to ask my friends why they had taken up certain branches of engineering. The answers that I heard only pointed to a certain predominant theme in our education system. Lack of awareness about career options!

Our education system never teaches us to look beyond the four walls of the classroom. We learn about democracy, how our country is run, about different landforms, the cause of earthquakes, the periodic table, etc. But never are we told about the right way to make career choices, the different career options that we have, what to do if we want to pursue a certain career, etc.

Suddenly after years of studying standardized subjects, we are told to make a career choice. It is then that students and parents realize that they should have thought about it earlier.

This is a huge need, especially in today’s industry ecosystem. Old jobs are being automated and new ones are being created. There are no gatekeepers for any career field like it used to be earlier. If you want to follow your passion, earn a lot of money doing that, and make a positive impact on the world through what you are doing, you are living in the best time in the history of mankind.

That is exactly why we don’t believe in giving you scary lectures about cut-throat competition, the race of life and the cruel world waiting for you. We trust your ability to carve a completely unique path for yourself. We trust our ability to work with you and help you in making the right career choice.

My question to you is, do you trust yourself? Are you willing to bet on yourself? If yes, then take that leap of faith and join us. We’d love to help you. Our entire team is standing at the door, waiting to welcome you inside. You can make the right career choice and you can become successful. We can show you how.

Raghu Chinnannan

Raghu Chinnannan

Tech Consultant

I’m a Software Engineer by profession but an Electrical Engineer by education.

As you can notice, I studied something and doing something else. I have no complaints but I feel that with proper guidance, students can achieve far greater things in life. ProBano helps you with that and I help ProBano use technology to reach students all across India whenever I can and however I can.

If you forgot your password, I’m the one who can help. (Just kidding, please use Forgot Password option).

Bharath Gaikwad

Bharath Gaikwad

Business Development Manager

My Name is Bharath Gaikwad. During my college days, I used to love interacting with people, especially with kids. I use to take tuition classes, art classes and give guest lectures in schools. Apart from that, I used to involve myself in Event Management, Anchoring, Photography, Art, etc. I also worked as a prime Radio Jockey for an online radio station. As years passed, I figured out that talking to children and interacting with them was my passion which I really wanted to continue doing. One day I got a call from the CEO of ProBano, Aditya who wanted me to come down to Delhi and then go to Rajasthan to take career counseling sessions for the students of class 10th & 12th. So I thought this is something I really wanted to do and I went to Delhi, undertaking training to conduct these career guidance sessions in the best way possible. This is how I built my career as a Career Guide and a Business Development Manager for ProBano. Looking forward to spreading the career awareness to all children across India.

Sachin Gupta

Sachin Gupta

Career Coach - Overseas Education

I belong to a generation that has seen a black and white TV with just 1 blurry channel, to a web-series. The same generation which was taught in School that 80% of India lives in villages, and now say, the world is a Global Village.

This journey from”80% village” to “Global Village”, has seen a lot of immigration of people from one place to another. With a hope of a better future, people have immigrated either for work, or for better education, or in search of better opportunities. But all with a HOPE of a better life. This phenomenon is now global… People go from a village to a city and also from one country to another.

Crossing an international border and moving to a new country involves a lot of challenges. The culture, the society, the systems, the beliefs, and most importantly the laws are all different. In my 20 years of career, I came across many students who just changed (for the good) into a different personality and are now very well settled. On the other side, I have also seen many students who went abroad and got stuck as they went in with a little understanding of the new country. And then there were many who got defrauded by wrong commitments of wrong consultants in their home country. This triggered a feeling in me to do a proper study and become a career guide.

Meeting Aditya, the founder of ProBano, couldn’t have happened at a better time. We just struck on LinkedIn and met in Bangalore. He had just started ProBano then. We found a big synergy in our thoughts and reasons. It was an instant decision to join hands.

My modules, videos, and webinars will answer many of your Questions related to Education Abroad. What is the most suggested roadmap for your career? What time frames and budgets would be needed for different programs? How do we select a University? Which countries should we look at?

What exams do we need to write? What are the future prospects? How much would it cost? And many more…

Hit me up on ProBano anytime with your questions…!!

Kapil Chatkara

Kapil Chatkara

Career Coach

I am Kapil Chatkara, a Psychologist with a specialization in Counselling. My area of interest is studying the nature of mind – understanding the human mind as it is and determining its Strengths, Weaknesses, Tendencies, and Inclinations. I have done hundreds of counseling sessions, with more than 5000 hours of experience in counseling diversified into Career, Relationship, Grief, Behavioral, Spiritual, Suicide-Prevention, Consulting, etc. My favorite approaches are Existential & Solution Centered by leveraging my natural style which goes in tandem with CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy).

My experience and both psychological training and spiritual grasp of life indisputably teach me that ‘every human being is unique!’. To put it simply, even the identical twins are not identical in their behavior and life path, not even in their fingerprints! Therefore, we as humans should try and identify the skill and area-of-interest that nature has bestowed on us. However, the irony is that everyone agrees that natural skill is a god-gift but in our own idea of quest for survival or so-called rat-race, most of us mistake ‘Uniqueness within Self’ with ‘Exclusivity of Self (over others)’, in other words, ‘knowing the maximum potential of self’ v/s ‘competing for success of self (over others)’. My own natural skill is in exploring and unraveling the natural abilities of the individuals so as to empower the human mind for conscious decision making, clear-the-air, bring clarity in individuals, understand self better for better future, etc. which in turn helps in different stages of life whether it is about making better career choices, making relationships better, overcoming loss or addictive behavior and motivating for life.

My wish is to continue to improve myself in different spheres of life so that every opportunity or situation I encounter in life is dealt gracefully without any fears, insecurities or inhibitions!

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