A whopping 60% of Indians are not satisfied with their job.
Choose a different future for yourself!

Why is career guidance needed?

Our society has a lot of really outdated and stereotypical advice ready for you:

You would have surely listened to one of these by now. Good career guidance saves you from considering similar outdated, stereotypical and uninformed career advice.


Our innovative mix of technology and personalization helps you explore and discover your passion. Here is our three step career guidance process

Career Counseling

Find out the career options you want to explore

Mentor Sessions

Seek career advice from highly successful professionals in your chosen career options

Career Based Courses

Explore your chosen career option and learn the fundamental skills required to succeed in it

Why ProBano?

We have a unique and innovative approach to career guidance.

Life is NOT a race!

We don’t believe in lecturing you about the cut-throat competition in Indian ecosystem, the race that you have to run to achieve success in life, the cruel world out there which is sharpening its knife to get you, woah! Too much stress already.

Unfold your Uniqueness

We show you how you can focus on your interests, your unique strengths, and your personality to become the best at something which you love doing and which you are really good at.

Experience awesome service

We value relationships much more than numbers. When you join us, we work with you to ensure that you make the right career choice.