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career counseling

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Career Exploration

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mentor sessions

Never take career advice from somebody who is not in the same position you want to be in

– Someone really intelligent

We have one question for you. Who do you want to depend on for expert career advice? Your neighbors? The society? Or successful professionals who have remarkable achievements in the exact career fields you want to know more about? You know the answer.


Varun Chopra

Varun Chopra

Football Player

Varun Chopra is the founder and CEO of TSC Asia and a former pacy winger for the Indian Football Team (Juniors).

He immensely respects the game of football for all it has given to him and its capacity to empower & transform individuals. All the hard lessons that he learned about life were taught to him with a ball at his feet.

His vision, his indomitable spirit and undying love for the sport led him to where he is today. He firmly believes that following one’s passion instills in them a sense of purpose and satisfaction; it uplifts them and makes them more persistent. When one pursues something meaningful, they don’t think about giving up, they are willing to endure all obstacles and keep on pushing forward. As they say, you’ll never have to work a day in your life if you’re doing what you love.

Ritu Chandra

Ritu Chandra

Interior and Graphic designer

Ritu Chandra is an interior and graphic designer. She owns Designical, a Delhi based design firm and provides solutions to businesses for interiors, branding, packaging and the like.

She feels design should not be confused with decor or art or just aesthetics. Design has the power to impact human psychology and decision making. It has an effect on our state of mind, our productivity, our stress levels, and the products we buy.

She did her Masters in Design at Florence Design Academy, Italy, which is one of the best design schools in Europe and has also worked at the award-winning design firm, Sahil & Sarthak.

Mohd Bilal

Mohd Bilal

Automobile and Aeronautical Engineer

Mohd Bilal is exploring a career in space science in Europe and previously worked in vehicle aerodynamics at Tata Motors Limited.

In his opinion, one must not let themselves be constrained by the choices that they have made and be ready to explore their interests no matter how difficult it may seem. He believes in constantly improving his skills.

Jayashree Srivastava

Jayashree Srivastava

BioInformatics Scientist

Jayashree Srivastava is an Application Scientist and a Software Developer working with Thermo Fisher Scientific. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is the world leader in serving science, with a mission to enable customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. She works as a Product Owner to Design workflows, to generate possible results from the software and help the developers with the requirements to develop software to perform secondary analysis on raw data obtained from instruments.

According to her, health should be the most focused topic for the development and growth. In this technological era where the things are one tap away, we still have incurable medical conditions. She believes that using the latest technologies in medical science we can transform the world and make it a much healthier place to live. Therefore, Biotechnology with computer science is a very important discipline for the present and future.

Jayashree has completed her B.Tech. in Biotechnology at Delhi Technological University, formerly Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi, one of the most prestigious institutes in India. She is also pursuing her M.Tech. in Software Systems from BITS Pilani to help develop science with the latest software techniques.

Alcatraz Dey

Alcatraz Dey

Indian Air Force

Alcatraz Dey is an ex Fighter Pilot from the Indian Air Force. He presently writes on Quora and other platforms to encourage everyone to not repeat his mistakes and guides them towards a better life. He writes extensively on aviation, life choices, India, relationships and fiction. He is the most viewed writer on the topic “aviation” on Quora. He is also the author of two bestselling thriller novels. Most importantly, he believes everyone deserves to be normal

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