Refund Policy

In case user is not satisfied with the package they have selected or the user feels that the package has not reasonably benefitted them in any manner, a refund request can be made by the user through email on or by WhatsApp on +91 9674004651 within 30 days from the purchase of that particular package. Upon the receipt of refund request, Company will take your feedback upon the package and shall make its best efforts to eliminate shortcoming being faced by the user within 7 days. In case the user is still not satisfied with the solutions provided by the company, the Company shall make full refund of the amount to the user.
A Refund Request will be deemed valid only if it is made through the mode of communication mentioned hereinabove. No Refund will be provided to the users who have raised request for return after the expiry of 30 days from the date of purchase of package.
Refunds shall be made to the bank account of user within 15 working days from the closure of the refund request after taking feedback from the user.

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